Beauty Resolutions for 2014

Beauty Resolutions for 2014

beauty resolutions
Here are (a few of) my beauty goals for this year:

  1. Improve my Skin Care Routine

    This year, I want to figure out exactly which ingredients work for me and my skin and cut the rest out of my routine. I’ve gotten lazy about using my Clarisonic in the last year, so I need to change that too!

  2. Drink More Water

    I’ve gotten much better about drinking water in the last six months or so (I used to drink next to none), but I’d like to drink more this year for the health and skin benefits.

  3. Stop Biting My Nails

    The longest I’ve gone without biting my nails is about a month. This year I want to kick the habit for good!

  4. Wear False Lashes Every Day

    …or at least more often. I have hooded eyes so they make a huge difference on me.

  5. Find a Fragrance I like and Wear it

    Of all the beauty products out there, I know the least about fragrance. I want to take the time to find one that I like and try to wear it regularly!