The Best Base Products of 2014

The Best Base Products of 2014

Here are my favorite base products of 2014. Not all were released this year, but many were new to me in 2014. I’ve included quite a few foundations to accommodate different skin types, price points, and coverage levels:
radiance report's best base products of 2014

  1. This is like an affordable Diorskin Nude (reviewed here) or Lancome Teint Miracle. It has beautiful medium to full coverage and a flattering satin finish that blurs imperfections and just makes skin look good–buy it for $14.99 at CVS.

  2. This foundation helps me achieve that healthy skin look better than any other I’ve tried. It’s not particularly dewy or matte, it just looks like really nice skin. The only problem is that it doesn’t hold up very well on my oily skin. Still, it’s amazing on normal and dry skin types.–$90.00 for 1 oz on

  3. This keeps oil at bay for so much longer than foundation alone. Plus, it has a flattering pearlescent finish that keeps skin from looking overly matte–$52.00 at Sephora.

  4. I wish this came with a pump, but I do love its glowy finish for dry skin! Read my review for more photos and info–buy it for $12.49 on

  5. I actually love this primer on all skin types, but I find that it works particularly well on dry skin types because it does such a great job smoothing out textured areas like dry spots–buy it for $35.00 at Sephora.

  6. I write about this corrector all the time because it just works. Eve Pearl is a professional brand, and I find the formula a little less user-friendly than some mass market products, but Salmon Concealer will cover even the darkest under eye circles–$36-$44.00 on

  7. A lot of concealers are so opaque and heavy that they actually make my imperfections look worse. Not this one! It has the perfect opacity: opaque enough to cover minor imperfections and redness yet sheer enough to blend into skin–buy it for $40.00 on

  8. Matte + Poreless (reviewed here) is available in an excellent shade range, has a pretty foolproof formula, and actually controls shine…if only this came with a pump!–this technically doesn’t come out until 2015, but you can find it in stores like Harmon and Bed Bath & Beyond now.

  9. No matter how many I try, this is the foundation I keep coming back to. I could wear a more matte formulation, but this looks more like real skin to me. Plus, I can still use it when my skin is more dry. I just tweak my application by using a more moisturizing primer and a less mattifying powder–$61.00 at Sephora.

  10. The perfect lightweight, realistic looking coverage for everyday wear. I love how buildable this formula is. You can find pictures of me wearing H20 Skintint herebuy it for $24.00 at Target.

So those are my picks for 2014! When you’re done here, check out my favorites from last year or more of my favorites this year!