CoverGirl truBLEND FIXSTICK Concealer


CoverGirl truBLEND FIXSTICK Concealer

CoverGirl truBLEND FIXSTICK Concealer

CoverGirl truBLEND FIXSTICK Concealer

According to CoverGirl…

“truBLEND FIXSTICK Concealer is available in 6 shades that perfectly complement truBLEND Liquid Makeup. Cover up dark circles and imperfections with truBLEND FIXSTICK’s easily blendable formula. It’s the ultimate quick fix in a convenient stick!”

  • Fix dark circles and imperfections instantly
  • Blendable formula glides on effortlessly
  • The ultimate quick fix in a twist-up stick

truBLEND FIXSTICK Concealer is a new twist-up concealer crayon that CoverGirl has released to complement their new and improved truBLEND Liquid Makeup.

Fixstick is available six shades which correspond with truBLEND Liquid Makeup shades (if your truBLEND foundation shade is M6, your Fixstick shade is M5-7). I purchased L1-4:
CoverGirl truBLEND FIXSTICK Concealer swatches L1-4

CoverGirl truBLEND FIXSTICK Concealer swatches L1-4

Fixstick is designed to cover all of your concealer needs by camouflaging both dark circles and blemishes. I find that Fixstick covers imperfections like blemishes and redness well. It’s opaque enough to offer coverage and its texture is lightweight enough to blend.

While Fixstick is a decent concealer for imperfections, I’m less impressed by its ability to camouflage dark circles. Its texture is just a bit too dry; I prefer under eye concealers with a little more slip. While it doesn’t settle into fine lines, it makes the whole area look dry, which can really age eyes.

It works in a pinch, but I rarely think it makes sense to use the same concealer under eyes and on imperfections. I like to use a concealer that matches my foundation on imperfections and a salmon toned product under my eyes (salmon tones correct the blue tones in dark circles). Because Fixstick is designed to match your foundation, it’s better suited for covering imperfections than correcting dark circles.

Bottom Line

Fixstick is a convenient product to use on the go. It covers blemishes and redness far more effectively than dark circles, so I wouldn’t count on this product to do both unless you’re in a pinch.

Price & Availability, $7.49.


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