Ellis Faas Concealer

Ellis Faas Concealer

Ellis Faas Concealer

Ellis Faas Concealer

According to Ellis Faas…

“With a unique blend of ingredients such as Karit√© oil and rice wax, ELLIS FAAS concealer immediately blends into the skin for a flawless finish. Vitamins E and C in the formula hydrate and have anti-aging and regenerating properties. A formulation that offers high coverage To reduce the appearance of blemishes, pigmentation spots and dark circles.”

Ellis Faas Concealer is a luxurious, creamy formula. It’s one of the very few concealers I’m able to use to conceal both blemishes and under eye circles. It’s not quite opaque enough to cover major blemishes, but it conceals redness and minor imperfections perfectly.

Like almost every product in Ellis Faas’ line, this comes in a sleek silver brush-tipped click pen. I know some people have had issues with this type of packaging, but mine hasn’t gotten clogged up or dispensed too much product, so I’m fine with it.
Ellis Faas Concealer S202 applicator

Ellis Faas Concealer applicator

The formula comes in eight shades which coordinate with the brand’s Skin Veil Foundation (reviewed here). According to Ellis:

“The secret to seamless concealer coverage lies in its relation to the foundation colour: darker skin demands more contrast between concealer and foundation, while lighter skin requires foundation and concealer that are more similar in colour. Paired with Skin Veil, ELLIS FAAS concealer accommodates these dramatic differences in the requirements of different skin tones.”

I have the second lightest shade, S202 Fair. S201 Light/Fair might be a better match for blemishes, but S202 is definitely the right shade for concealing under my eyes. In any case, S202 blends seamlessly with my Skin Veil Foundation in S102 Fair (you can see photos of me wearing the two products together here and here).
Ellis Faas S202 swatches

Ellis Faas Concealer S202 swatches

Bottom Line

I think it’s an excellent option if you’re looking to simplify your beauty routine by using the same concealer on blemishes and under your eyes. The formula is opaque enough to cover minor imperfections and redness yet sheer enough to look like skin.

Purchase Info

$40.00 at Sephora.