Five Great Reasons to Drink More Water

Five Great Reasons to Drink More Water

five reasons to drink more water

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A couple months ago, I started drinking a gallon of water a day. I think I drank something like a quarter of the recommended amount before then, and I feel a lot better now that I’m actually hydrated! Here are some good reasons to consider drinking more water:

  1. It’s cheap

    Water is free! Even if you drink filtered water, you can still save a ton of money if you’re used to drinking soda.

  2. Dehydration causes bad breath

    …and who wants bad breath?

  3. You’ll have an easier time losing weight

    Drinking enough water helps you lose weight; not drinking enough water makes it harder to lose weight and easier to gain:

    • Your metabolism doesn’t run as efficiently when you’re dehydrated.
    • It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger.
    • Researchers have found that drinking water before meals increases weight loss.
  4. Water improves your mood

    A 2012 study found that even mild dehydration (1% lower than optimal) can decrease mood, lower concentration, and give you headaches!

  5. Dehydration makes your skin look bad

    Skin that is adequately hydrated doesn’t only look better, it also ages better. And it’s less prone to wrinkles than dehydrated skin.

If those reasons aren’t compelling enough, you might want to increase your water intake for this reason: it’s the best (and only) hangover cure I’ve found–read more on that here!

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  • Paige McKinnon

    Facts and statistics about Water always encourage me to drink more of it! ^ 3 ^

    • radiancereport

      Right? I really do feel better now that I’m drinking more!