How to Make Foundation Last on Oily Skin

How to Make Foundation Last on Oily Skin

Making foundation last on oily skin may seem impossible, but it’s not! It just takes some extra steps! Here are the tips that work best for me:

  1. Use the Right Foundation

    foundations for oily skin

    foundations for oily skin

    Start with the right foundation! Dry and normal skin types can get away with wearing luminous or dewy foundations, but if your skin is really oily, your foundation’s finish should be really matte–try one of these.

  2. Don’t use too much product

    My inclination is to pile on a ton of product since my foundation tends to melt off after a couple hours, but using too much actually causes foundation to cake up, break down earlier, and look greasier. Instead, build up thin layers until you’re satisfied with your coverage. I like to use a Beauty Blender or Rae Morris Radiance Brush for application.

  3. Blot During Application

    This step is super important: blot your foundation before you set it with translucent powder. This way, you’ll be removing any excess oil or product buildup rather than sealing it in with powder. This step alone extends the life of my foundation by at least three hours. You can use fancy blotting papers, but I find that cheap tissues from the drugstore work just as well. It’s hard to find single-ply tissues, so I just peel two- or three-ply tissues apart and use a single layer at a time. If you’re not happy with the coverage after you blot, add some more foundation and blot again. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with your coverage.

  4. Set with a Powder Puff

    Powder puffs are particularly good for mattifying oily skin. Plus, they keep makeup from looking cakey. Puffs work better than powder brushes because they don’t move your makeup around. I use a brush if I’m in a rush, but almost always opt for a puff when I want my makeup to look really good. And you can just throw them out after a few uses because they’re cheap. Make sure to use the method described here and you won’t make a mess!

  5. Blot Some More

    If you’re skin is oily, then you’ll probably need to touch up at some point no matter what. Don’t just add powder to greasy spots, blot first. I like to use the cheap, plasticy blotting papers by Clean & Clear. Just make sure to blot (or pat) not rub.

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