Kiss Ever Ez Trio Lashes: Review

UPDATE: Kiss Ever EZ Lashes Trio Lashes are now featured on You can find a list of retailers there. I’ve purchased these at three different CVS stores for $5.79. According to readers, you can find them at Walgreens too.

Kiss Ever Ez Trio Lashes

Kiss Ever Ez Trio Lashes are like a mini half lash (three times longer than an individual lash but about 2/3 as long as an outer-corner or half lash). Their width gives you the best of both individual and strip lashes. You get the natural, customized look of individual lashes as well as the fast, easy process of applying strip lashes.

Before you read the rest of this review, I should let you know that I can’t find these anywhere online, which is odd because the packaging says “NEW” across the top and I hadn’t seen these in stores before last week. Maybe this product isn’t actually new, but I decided to post this review anyway because these are awesome lashes and I was able to buy them in my local CVS just a few days ago. Hopefully you’ll be able to get them near you too. Please let me know if and where you find them!

A lot of thought went into the packaging. The tray has a “Glue Pocket,” which is a built-in well for glue. I’ve always managed to find a place to put it in the past (like on the back of my hand or on the side of the packaging), so I’m not sure it’s a necessary feature, but it’s nice to know that the glue is out of the way and won’t get on anything. The tray itself has a patent pending easy grip shape. Basically, it’s shaped like an oval and has cutouts for your fingers which are meant to make it easier to hold.

Kiss Ever Ez Trio Lashes

Like I said, Trio lashes are the best of both individual and strip lashes. My favorite thing about individual lashes is how customizable and natural looking they are. My least favorite thing about them is how long application takes if you want a full strip look. Kiss Ever Ez Trio Lashes are three times faster to apply and they’re still totally customizable and natural looking! I usually end up trimming and cutting strip lashes to get exactly the look I want anyway, so building a custom strip lash from Trio Lashes makes a lot of sense to me.

These lashes are available in a Short Combo pack (6 extra-short and 24 short lashes) and a Medium Combo pack (6 short and 24 medium). They are so quick to apply.  In the pictures below I am wearing one extra-short lash on the inner-corner of each eye and four short lashes on the middle and outer-corner of each eye for a natural, strip lash look.

Kiss Ever Ez Trio Lashes

I would recommend these to false lash enthusiasts and to those of you who are interested in trying false lashes for the first time. Kiss Ever Ez Trio Lashes are natural looking and easy to apply. I’ll update you as soon as I find out more about where you can purchase these!


  • radiancereport

    Hey Deme! It’s either Yaby pp013 or Yaby es192. I wish I remembered which, sorry!

  • http://Website Shelby

    How long do these typically last after applied?

    • RadianceReport

      I’ve only worn them for a day/night at a time because my eyes get irritated easily, but other readers have worn them for as long as two weeks! If you want to wear lashes for a long time, try an adhesive like Ardell Lashtite–I’ve had good results with it in the past.

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    Love love love these!!! Walgreens is the only place I can find these and the ppl there say these are hard to keep in stock because these are flying off the shelf! One draw back is I wish they would give you one more row of the extra short. Got these to stay in for almost 2 weeks and and had to cut down some of the left overs to put on a 2nd set

    • RadianceReport

      Sounds like I need to look at Walgreens next time! I totally agree that there should be another row of extra short lashes in the short combo pack — those are my favorite!

  • http://Website C

    I LOVE these and like you say they are very hard to find. Walgreens is where I currently buy them but they are out alot.

    • RadianceReport

      I’m so glad to hear that you like these and that you’re able to find them! I wish they were easier to find in stores or purchase online…they’re amazing.

  • http://Google Lee Anders

    Haven’t tried them yet,but I love the look and think they will be much better then the individually pkg. ones. I found these at Long’s Drug Store in Kona-Hawaii