How to Look Better Without Makeup

How to Look Better Without Makeup

No makeup makeup vs no makeup

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As someone whose skin isn’t remotely perfect, feeling confident without any makeup can be difficult. I’ve found these tips the most helpful:

  1. Drink More Water

    Hydrated skin looks better and less dull than dehydrated skin, and it’s also less wrinkle-prone. If those reasons aren’t compelling enough, you can read more about the benefits of drinking more water here.

  2. Stay out of the sun

    Here’s a statistic that you might find surprising: 90% of visible changes to skin that are commonly attributed to aging are actually UVA sun damage (see this article for more info). Look for a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF rating between 15 and 50 (anything higher than 50 is no more effective than 50) and wear it every single day. Wearing a hat or sitting under an umbrella doesn’t protect you from all of the sun’s rays, you still need to wear sunscreen. Even when you do wear sun protection, 3% of UV rays will penetrate your skin, so baking in direct sunlight is never a good idea.

  3. Do what you can to correct sun damage

    If you’ve got brown spots or other discolorations, you now know to stay out of the sun because it is likely the culprit. To treat existing issues, you can use vitamin C (try Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster or Resist 25% Vitamin C Spot Treatment) or hydroquinone (try Paula’s Choice Resist Dark Spot Eraser 2% BHA & Hydroquinone).

  4. Wear Eyelash Extensions

    I talk about lash extensions a lot, and that’s because I think they make me look so much better without makeup on. They’re expensive and time consuming, so not everyone will think extensions are worth it, but I’m addicted. I just feel so much more confident sans makeup when my lashes look long and fluttery.

  5. Work with your skin type

    Most of us have skin that is better described as oily or dry rather than an ideal normal skin type, with looks youthful and hydrated without ever looking greasy. Still, we can all use products to fake great skin.

    If your skin is oily like mine, you have a few options: you can use blotting paper as necessary and finish with a mattifying powder if you want to (I like MAKE UP FOR EVER Super Matte Loose Powder), or you can apply an oil-control gel or primer at the start of your day (Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector works well for me, even if I don’t wear makeup over it).

    To normalize dry skin, you need to add moisture. Moisturizers with SPF tend to be lightweight, so you might want to apply a deeply hydrating product underneath your sunscreen if your skin is extremely dry–Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate is a great option to hydrate even super sensitive skin. You can also touch up with a hydrating toner spray like this one throughout the day.

    Regardless of skin type, everyone looks better with hydrated lips. Wear a great lip balm (this one by Tatcha is one of my favorites) every day!

For me, taking care of my skin and wearing lash extensions makes me feel more confident without makeup…but these are just the things that work for me! What do you do to look and feel better when you’re not wearing makeup?

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  • radiancereport

    So sorry that you had a bad experience! I guess that’s always a possibility though…do you know what the infection was caused by? Did you just have a bad reaction or had the spa used by unsterilized tools?

    Sometimes I use these when I’m not wearing extensions, but they’re nowhere near as natural looking or flattering, and they also don’t last as long as they’re supposed to. Really, nothing compares to extensions for me! Good luck with your research!