Makeup for Difficult Skin Textures

Makeup for Difficult Skin Textures

makeup for difficult skin textures
If your skin’s texture is uneven, applying makeup and making it look good can be difficult (I know because my skin sucks!). These tips and techniques have been really effective for me:

  1. Use a Filling Primer

    For me, using the right primer is more important than the foundation I use. Silicone-based filling primers like Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch ($35.00, and Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($36.00, work best for me.

  2. Use a Beauty Blender

    Using a sponge rather than a brush to apply liquids and creams makes a huge difference for me. Sponges are messier to use, but I rarely use brushes for foundation because the results just aren’t as good. I prefer Beauty Blenders, but you can totally use the cheap sponges from the drugstore; they work just as well as but require just a little more work–buy a Beauty Blender for $19.95 at Sephora.

  3. Invest in a Good Powder Brush

    Base makeup tends to sit on top of my skin rather than sink in or set, so some powder brushes just drag liquid and cream formulas around on my face. Good powder brushes, like this one by Wayne Goss ($35.00 on, won’t disturb makeup at all.

  4. …powder puffs work too

    If you don’t want to invest in a good powder brush, powder puffs also work well (and are particularly good for mattifying oily skin). I use a brush if I’m in a rush, but almost always opt for a puff when I want my makeup to look really good. Puffs work better than powder brushes because they don’t move your makeup around and the results never look caked on. Plus, you can just throw them out after a few uses because they’re cheap. Make sure to use the method described here and you won’t make a mess!

I hope some of you will find these tips helpful! If you have large pores or uneven skin, I’d love to hear about anything that works for you in the comments!

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