My First Attempt at Applying Eyelash Extensions at Home

Eyelash extensions look great, but they’re expensive. I decided to learn how to apply them myself at home in order to save money. I purchased a starter kit from J’aime Eyelash Extensions at The Makeup Show in New York this year. Unfortunately they left a few items out of the kit, but they’ve promised to send me replacements soon.

eyelash extensions at home tools

J’aime Eyelash Extension kit

eyelash extensions at home tools

J’aime Eyelash Extension kit tools (lash brush not included)

I don’t think my technique is up to par yet, so I’m not going to include instructions in this post. Instead, I’m going to give you some basic pros and cons to at home lash extension application. If you’re not sure whether lash extensions are right for you in the first place, read this post. I also figured I’d include some close up photos of mink and silk lashes in different lengths and weights for comparison:
eyelash extensions at home  mink J curl .15mm x 10mm, silk J curl .15mm x 10mm, silk C curl .20mm x 8mm, silk J curl .15mm x 10mm, silk C curl .20mm x 12mm

left: mink J curl .15mm x 10mm (top) silk J curl .15mm x 10mm (bottom)
right: silk C curl .20mm x 8mm (left), silk J curl .15mm x 10mm (middle), silk C curl .20mm x 12mm (right)

My First Attempt:

I usually ask for a doe-eyed look (longer lashes in the center and shorter lashes on the inner and outer corners) when I have extensions done professionally, but I thought a winged shape might be easier to do myself. I think you’re supposed to use mink or silk and C curl or J curl, but I was excited so I used a mix of everything. I used silk C curl .20mm x 8mm on the inner corner, mink J curl .15mm x 10mm in the middle, and silk C curl .20mm x 12mm on the outer corner.

It took a long time and the results are far from professional, but I’m pretty happy with the finished look!
lash extensions at home before and after

top: one eye finished; bottom: finished look using silk C curl .20mm x 8mm on the inner corner, mink J curl .15mm x 10mm in the middle, and silk C curl .20mm x 12mm on the outer corner

You might love applying eyelash extensions at home if…

  • You want to save time and money. Once you’ve got the swing of it, filling in your lashes at home is cheaper and faster than going back to the salon for touch ups.
  • You’re really patient. It’s is a long process, especially the first few times.

You might want to stick with the professionals if…

  • You love a professional looking result. Unless you’ve been professionally trained, your lashes aren’t likely to look as good as they do when you have them done at a salon.
  • You don’t have time to deal with the learning curve. The first time I applied lash extensions to myself, it took about three hours longer than it would have at a salon.
  • You enjoy the spa-like experience you get at the salon. Applying lash extensions to yourself is more tedious than relaxing.

Bottom Line:

Purchasing a lash extension kit is an investment, but it will save you time and money in the long run if you’re patient enough to perfect your technique.

  • Ana

    Hi Phoebe,
    I’ve got some questions regarding diy lash extensions:
    First of all, do you still apply them yourself?
    Furthermore I can’t find any good instructions how to apply individual (single) lashes on yourself, do you know any resources? I specifically have trouble to apply each extension to only one single lash.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Phoebe

      Hey Ana! I don’t apply them myself anymore because the process became too time consuming. I’ve found going to a salon every two to three weeks is much easier for me (although it is more expensive!).

      If you’re set on applying extensions yourself, I’d recommend practicing with regular lash glue (like duo) until you get the hang of it and switch to real extension glue. As far as technique goes, it’s really difficult to single out individual lashes on yourself–I definitely have glued a few of my natural lashes together by mistake on many occasions! I find it easiest to hold a mirror under my chin (or put it on a table and lean over it) while applying any type of lash. This way, I can keep both eyes open. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any good instructions anywhere else.

      Hopefully some of this info is helpful for you, but honestly, practice is the only thing that really helps!

  • radiancereport

    I used J’amie’s Pro-Bonding Eyelash Adhesive (it came with the kit I bought). J’amie also makes a glue for sensitive eyes, but a rep for the brand told me it doesn’t hold up as well as their standard adhesive. I definitely experienced a little sensitivity during application, but I think I were you, I’d ask a professional about the tearing up before trying again!

    I applied the extensions to the top of my lashes…try to apply one extension to only one lash!

  • Emily

    How did you apply it at home, did you close one eye or what? Please teach me :(

    • radiancereport

      I should have explained that in the post…oops! The easiest way I’ve found to apply lash extensions is the same way I apply strip and individual lashes. Instead of looking straight into a mirror, I look into one from above (I put a mirror on a table look down over it). That way, I can keep both of my eyes open and I get a really good view of my eyelashes.