‘No Makeup Makeup’ vs No Makeup

‘No Makeup Makeup’ vs No Makeup

no makeup makeup look

‘no makeup makeup’ look products

I often wonder whether wearing just a bit of makeup is worth the effort. Most of the time I wear a full face or none at all. I decided to do a ‘no makeup makeup’ look on half my face and leave the other half makeup-free so I could compare the two…I think this photo is proof that wearing just a few products can make a huge difference!
No makeup makeup vs no makeup

left: no makeup; right: ‘no makeup makeup’

I have a lot of redness in my face, so even a sheer layer of foundation really helps to even out my skin tone and match my neck better. And the concealer makes me look less tired!

Products Used:

How many products do you wear on a daily basis? Does applying just a couple products make a difference for you?

  • http://www.collective-beauty.com Julie0728

    What a neat idea! You can definitely tell the difference just a few products make, I usually wear about 5 products on my “no makeup” days (MAC paint pot, mascara, CC cream, blush and lipgloss).