How to Pack A Tiny Touch-Up Kit

How to Pack A Tiny Touch-Up Kit

When I wear makeup out of the house, I usually bring at least a few products with me so I can touch up through out the day. If I go out at night, I usually end up carrying a small clutch like this one, which leaves me very little space for makeup. Here’s what to bring for touch-ups when you’re short on space:

  1. A Small Mirror

    Carrying a little mirror makes touch-ups much easier. Plus, you can check your teeth for food without visiting the bathroom. Most of the time, I use the top of a Yaby Stackable Set Palette (reviewed here) because it’s tiny and easy to clean. This mirror is another good option; it’s about the size of a business card and houses 11 yards of floss…super convenient! If you don’t want to buy a mirror, you could always rip one off the top of a small palette you don’t use.

  2. A Contact Lens Case

    Fill one side with a little bit of your foundation or concealer (whichever you prefer for touching up), and the other with some loose powder. Fancy contact cases like this one from Henri Bendel look great, but regular, cheap cases work just as well.

  3. Something to Apply Powder With

    You can just use your fingers if you want to save space, but I have better results when I use a Real Techniques Setting Brush or powder puff.

  4. Blotting Papers

    Always blot before you add more powder! It keeps the powder from caking.

  5. Lipstick

    Pack whatever lipstick, gloss, balm, stain, etc. you’re wearing. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan is my go-to shade.

It’s not the most glamorous looking thing, but I keep all of these products in a quart-sized plastic bag. I just replace it with a new one when it starts looking gross.

What’s your best tip for fixing up makeup on-the-go?

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