Rae Morris Brushes are Cheaper than they used to be!

Rae Morris Brushes are Cheaper than they used to be!

rae morris brushes

Rae Morris original collection brushes

The US Dollar is stronger than it was when Rae Morris launched their Magnetic Range, so the brand’s brushes are now 20% cheaper for customers in the US! The range is still pretty expensive, but it’s certainly a little more affordable now.

I got the original Rae Morris Collection Set for my birthday a couple years ago (before the collection went magnetic), and I still use some of the brushes every single day.

If you’re looking to purchase a brush (or two, or three…), here are my suggestions:

  • #1 Deluxe Kabuki

    1. According to Rae Morris: “Used to apply both all over powder and powder/cream bronzers & blushes – doubles as a contouring brush. With gentle pressure this brush can be used for fine blending/contouring. With mild pressure it is perfect for blush application. Can be used to enhance and define the cleavage line.”
    2. I use this to apply blush (usually powder formulas, but this also works with creams) every single day.
    3. Purchase Info: $40.00 AUD, now $32.00 USD.
  • #3 Ultimate Cheek-Bone

    1. According to Rae Morris: “The ultimate cheek contouring/shading brush (under the cheek and through the temple) – best with powder based products. Runway Tip: With pale skin and if the hair is being worn up, use this brush to add a hint of bronzer or mineral foundation behind the ears (this is a really pale area that can literally ‘glow in the dark’). Hair Type: Blue Squirrel (Animal Cruelty Free).”
    2. This is definitely in the running for my favorite makeup brush ever (it’s a close call between this and Wayne Goss Brush 02). It makes contouring totally foolproof and blends contour powders that might otherwise look heavy like a dream.
    3. Purchase Info: $80.00 AUD, now $64.00 USD.
  • #5 Flawless Shader

    1. According to Rae Morris: “This brush has a special crescent shape making it an amazing body highlighter and a great finishing brush. Perfect for shading the hairline and defining/sculpting the jawline – best used with powder based products. Incredible overall finishing coverage. Runway Tip: I love to use this brush to add bronzer to that pale spot we get on the neck (from years in the sun) to give a more youthful look. Hair Type: Blue Squirrel (Animal Cruelty Free).”
    2. I use this brush to finish off my contour by shading my hairline and underneath my jaw. It’s super soft and blends powders out really nicely.
    3. Purchase Info: $80.00 AUD, now $64.00 USD.
  • Rae Morris Signature Kabuki Set

    1. According to Rae Morris: “This is the signature Rae Morris brush set – comprising of Rae’s most iconic brushes this is the must have for your makeup tool kit. The set includes: #1 Deluxe Kabuki, #2 Mini Kabuki, #3 Ultimate Cheekbone, #4 Square Kabuki, #5 Flawless Shader…all presented in a beautiful bento style presentation box.”
    2. This little set includes the three awesome kabuki brushes listed above and two more: the Square Kabuki and Mini Kabuki. I use my Square Kabuki for finishing and blending under eye concealer and I use my Mini Kabuki for contouring smaller areas like the nose.
    3. Purchase Info: $249.00 AUD, now $199.00 USD.
  • #26 Radiance

    • According to Rae Morris: “Perfect for all foundations, from mineral powders to liquid body makeup – designed to give your foundation an ‘air-brushed’ finish. This will be your favourite foundation brush! The ultimate brush for evening out blotchy fading fake tans on the neck line, feet and wrists. Runway Tip: Just add your favourite foundation direct to the brush hairs and polish away! Awesome on the knees and elbows (just check out how naturally uneven your skin tone is in those areas). Hair Type: Goat (Animal Cruelty Free).”
    • I can’t say how great it is from personal experience because I don’t have a Radiance brush (yet), but I’ve read so so many awesome things about this. You’ll want one too after you read this review on Sweet Makeup Temptations.
    • Purchase Info: $110.00 AUD, now $88.00 USD.
  • #27 Radiance

    1. According to Rae Morris: see #26 Radiance description above.
    2. If you want to save a little money, you can buy the original Radiance brush at a lower price point. Its handle is slightly bigger than the newer model’s, but it functions the same way.
    3. Purchase Info: $85.00 AUD, now $68.00 USD.

Do you own any Rae Morris brushes? Are you planning to buy any now that they’re more affordable?