Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color

Rimmel Provocalips review, photos and swatches

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color

According to Rimmel…

  • Kiss proof, transfer proof, food proof high impact endless colour.
  • No tight feeling or dry lips. Lips feel smooth and moisturized all day long.
  • Easy removal with Oil based makeup remover

STEP 1: Apply colour and keep lips apart for 60 seconds until the product sets.
STEP 2: Apply topcoat to lock the colour, moisture and add shine

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color is a two-step long wear lipstick. One end is a liquid lipstick with a doe-foot applicator, and the other is a liquid topcoat (gloss).

The formula is similar to all of the other two-step lipsticks I’ve tried: it doesn’t smudge at all and lasts well throughout the day but tends to wear off the inside of lips after only a few hours, so you’ll probably need to reapply to the inside of lips at least once a day.

Whether you like this type of long-wear formula will depend on your lipstick priorities. If you need your lipstick to be smudge and transfer-proof and don’t mind touching up certain spots once or twice (maybe for photos or a wedding), Provocalips will work perfectly for you. If you don’t mind a little transfer and don’t want to take the time to reapply (maybe for work or a night out), then you need your lipstick to fade evenly, so Provocalips isn’t a good choice.

Provocalips is available in ten shades; I picked up these two:

Rimmel Pucker Up swatches

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color in Pucker Up swatches

Pucker Up is a sheer pink with gold glitter. This looks like a subtle shade in the photos above, but it’s actually very glittery.
Rimmel Dare to Pink swatches

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color in Dare to Pink swatches

Dare to Pink is a warm, light to mid-tone pink. This shade applied a little bit patchy.

If you’re wondering how Provocalips compares to L’Oreal’s new Infallible 2-Step Lip Color (reviewed here), I find the formulas very similar. Provocalips comes with a sealing gloss, Infallible comes with a balm–Both work fine in my experience. Infallible comes in more shades (24), but the shades in Rimmel’s smaller range (10) are more modern in my opinion. Infallible has sleeker packaging, and Provocalips has more feminine packaging. I’d suggest buying the Rimmel if you’re deciding between the two because it’s much cheaper.

Bottom Line

Provocalips is an impressive long-wear product, but it’s definitely nothing innovative! This range is worth trying if you’ve had luck with this type of product in the past since it’s cheaper than many other options and comes in a great shade range.

Purchase Info

$6.69 at Ulta.

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  • Addleysmom

    I’ve begun a search for long wear even fade lip product and your site has been so helpful. This is a wonderful review of the product noting pros cons and truly allows us to better make a decision. Looking forwRd to viewing archives and future posts as well! Kim

    • radiancereport

      Thanks so much, Kim! It’s so hard to find great lip stains and long wear lipsticks…and (at least in my opinion) Provocalips isn’t one of them! I can’t stand formulas that fade on some parts of my lips well before others!

      You might want to try Lip Ink–it’s expensive and kind of complicated to apply, but it lasts forever without fading or transferring.