Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Posy Pink: Review and Swatches

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Posy Pink

Smashbox is best known for their legendary primers, but today I’ll be reviewing their Be Legendary Lipstick in Posy Pink ($19.00 at Smashbox).
Smashbox Posy Pink swatches

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Posy Pink swatches

THE COLOR:  Smashbox describes Posy Pink as a peachy rose. I’d say it’s a bit closer to peachy than rose. There’s no shimmer, but these lipsticks have a beautiful sheen because they are so moisturizing. Posy Pink works well with a variety of looks, so this is the kind of color you could throw in your purse to wear with anything. It packs enough punch that you can wear it with minimal makeup looks but it’s not so bright that it competes with a smokey eye.
THE FORMULA: Be Legendary Lipsticks come in two formulas: cream and matte. Posy Pink is a cream. I find both formulas comfortable to wear, but the creme lipsticks really glide on during application. On me, Be Legendary Lipsticks have average longevity (4-5 hours, the matte formula lasts longer) and are surprisingly moisturizing given their wear time (super moisturizing formulas tend to have shorter than average wear in my experience).
OVERALL: I think Posy Pink is a fantastic lipstick to have in your collection. It’s the kind of color you’ll use again and again. For me, the $19.00 price tag isn’t too unreasonable considering competitors’ prices. I’ve paid a lot more for products that are nowhere near as nice! If Posy Pink isn’t your kind of color, I’d still suggest checking out Smashbox’s Be Legendary lipsticks, it’s a luxurious formula.

Available at Smashbox, $19.00.

  • Kyla Ewing

    Posy Pink is a lovely shade — that is next on my wishlist!

    • radiancereport

      Let me know what how you like it! I really think you’ll love this shade!