The Eye Brushes I Use Most Often

The Eye Brushes I Use Most Often

eye brushes I use most often

The Eye Brushes I Use Most Often

I own quite a few, but these are the eye brushes I find myself using and reusing, washing and rewashing all the time:

  1. Angled Brushes:

    I use little angled brushes from a few different brands for my brows and liner. I’m not picky about these.

  2. Real Techniques Fine Liner Brushes:

    I use these little brushes for concealer more often than liner.

  3. Paula Dorf Sheer Crease Brush:

    I love this brush for blending out crease colors.

  4. Chanel Pinceau Ombre Contour Shadow Brush #12:

    This is discontinued, which is really too bad because it’s my favorite crease brush ever! It’s the perfect size and shape for applying and blending crease shades to my hooded eyes.

  5. Wayne Goss Brush 03:

    Another great brush for blending transition shades. This one is super soft.

  6. Eve Pearl 108:

    I use this to blend out lid shades and to soften powder and cream eyeliner.

  7. MAC 217:

    I use this the same way as my Eve Pearl 108.

  8. Real Techniques Base Shadow Brushes:

    I use these to lay down color on my lids.

  9. MAC 239:

    I use this brush for everything: allover shadow, diffused upper and lower liner, blending out my crease, sometimes even my brows! This is the one eye brush I really couldn’t live without.

  10. Laura Mercier Corner Eye Colour Brush:

    I use this to apply shadows to the outer corners of my lids.

So those are my most used eye brushes! You can check out the face brushes I use all the time here.

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