The Face Brushes I Use Most Often

The Face Brushes I Use Most Often

the face brushes I use most often

The Face Brushes I Use Most Often

I own quite a few, but these are the face brushes I find myself using and reusing, washing and rewashing all the time:

  1. Real Techniques Duo-fiber Face Brush:

    This brush is from the limited edition Nic’s Picks Makeup Brush Set, and I use it to apply pigmented products like bronzer and blush that I don’t want to over-do.

  2. Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush #55:

    In my opinion, the bristles on this brush are too long and not stiff enough for the application of liquid foundations, but it works well for buffing power foundations over large areas. I use it with translucent powder to set my foundation if I’m in a hurry.

  3. Real Techniques Blush Brush:

    This brush is too big for blush application, but I like using it for bronzer.

  4. Rae Morris #1 Deluxe Kabuki:

    This is my favorite blush brush of all time. It gives any powder or cream blush a soft, sheer, and even finish.

  5. Rae Morris #27 Radiance Brush:

    This is a new addition to my brush collection, and I’m so happy I bought two! I use this to apply foundation and love the airbrushed effect it gives skin. For me, this is the brush that gives me the closest result to using a beauty blender.

  6. Rae Morris #5 Flawless Shader:

    I use this brush to finish off my contour by shading my hairline and underneath my jaw. It’s super soft and blends powders out really nicely.

  7. Rae Morris #3 Ultimate Cheek-Bone:

    This makes contouring totally foolproof and blends contour powders that might otherwise look heavy like a dream.

  8. Wayne Goss Brush 01:

    This is another great foundation brush.

  9. Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush:

    I use this for concealer. It’s synthetic, so it works well with creams and liquids.

  10. Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Brush:

    I use this to lay down cream and liquid products (like contour creams and blushes) before I blend.

  11. Wayne Goss Brush 02:

    This is the only powder brush I’ve used to powder that doesn’t move or remove foundation. It’s versatile enough to work with any powder product.

  12. Senna Cosmetics Baby Face 21:

    I use this for my matte highlights like this one.

  13. Real Techniques Cheek Brush:

    This brush is exclusive to the limited edition Nic’s Picks Makeup Brush Set. I use it to apply and blend creams.

  14. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush:

    I use this mainly for foundation and cream contour products.

  15. Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Contour Brush:

    I use this with shimmery highlighters.

I also love powder puffs for setting foundation and Beauty Blenders for application, but I’ve been reaching for my Radiance Brush more often in the last few months.

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