How to Whiten Teeth Naturally with Activated Charcoal

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally with Activated Charcoal

activated charcoal

Activated Charcoal capsules

Lately, I’ve been using activated charcoal to whiten my teeth naturally at home. It’s by far the most affordable whitening solution I’ve used, and it doesn’t make my teeth or gums sensitive at all. You can read more about activated charcoal and its many uses here.

What You’ll Need

  • Activated charcoal

    • Activated charcoal is available in powder form and in capsules. Both are relatively messy and can stain clothes, so be careful! If you use capsules, you’ll need to cut or break them in half, so powder may be a little easier to contain.
  • A toothbrush
    • The charcoal will leave the bristles looking dingy at best, so you may not want to use your regular toothbrush for this.

What To Do

  • Wet your toothbrush and put some activated charcoal on it. If you’re using capsules, cut or break one in half and pour the contents over your toothbrush. This can get messy, so be sure to do this over the sink! If you’re using powder, sprinkle some over your toothbrush.
  • Brush your teeth using the activated charcoal in place of your usual toothpaste. Again, this is a messy process, so lean over the sink!
  • Brush again. This time, use toothpaste.
  • This requires regular maintenance like any whitening method. I do it every week or so.

The Results

Here are my beautiful sister Emily’s teeth before and after whitening with activated charcoal:
teeth whitening before and after activated charcoal

teeth before and after whitening with activated charcoal

You can see some residual activated charcoal in the after photo above because it was taken before brushing with regular toothpaste.

Where to Buy Activated Charcoal

Natural and health stores usually carry activated charcoal, but it might be cheaper to buy online. 100 capsules cost about $8.00 on Amazon; buying a pound of powdered activated charcoal for $15-20.00 is more cost effective and less messy in my opinion.

  • Lenega

    I agree, I can’t seem to get enough of charcoal products. I’m a longtime fan of (Collective Wellbeing) charcoal body wash, and have been using this tooth powder for about a year and liking it very much I moisten a little toothpaste on the brush and dip it in a jar lid with tooth powder and brush my teeth that way. They rinse clean, voila. Now I’ve just tried some Michael Todd face products with charcoal. I don’t love the parabens and excess packaging, but the products are doing good things for my acne-prone skin. They just seem to get things so clean.

    • radiancereport

      I might need to try the inVitamin powder–the jar packaging looks so much more convenient than the capsules I have now!

      Totally agree with you about charcoal products for acne-prone skin. I haven’t tried any of the Michael Todd products, but I use this Origins mask all the time. It really helps in the summer when my skin is super oily!

      • Lenega

        Well, it’s easy to spill! But tapping a little in to a lid to use for a week has been working well. Good to know about Origins mask, too, thanks!

        • Phoebe

          I’ll keep that in mind! Let me know what you think if you give the Origins mask a try!